The Cinque Terre is the coastal

area that runs from Punta Mesco, the promontory to the west of Monterosso, to Portovenere. A strip of land 15 kilometers long nestled between the sea and the rocky cliffs. Flanking it is the Vara Valley and, at the end, the Gulf of La Spezia.

Its terrain is rugged and

alternates areas with a sheer drop to the sea with others with dry wall terraced vineyards, outcrops of rock and uncultivated land covered in heather, broom and pines. While only three or four kilometers wide, its rocky cliffs can reach heights of 700 or 800 meters.

It is within

Ligurian Sea, within its natural buttresses, that the Cinque Terre (Five Towns) have settled over time: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. It is on this strip of earth and rock with its wonderful yet barren and forbidding surroundings that, for millennia, man has made his home, becoming accustomed to its difficulties and strain and locked in a constant love-hate relationship with his environment

The Cinque Terre national park

located to the east of Portovenere, offers an extraordinary setting, its two small islands with their wild, uncontaminated nature anchored to the mainland like boats. Further east is that strip of coastline that stretches from Lerici to Bocca di Magra, places beloved of 19th century English poets and Italian writers of the 20th century. For those with more worldly interests, there is the area from Moneglia to Levanto, next to the Gulf of Tigullio, that includes the famous town of Portofino, known throughout the world for its town square and port
Airport: Genoa International airport

Weather: winter 5-10° C / spring 15-22° C / summer 20-28° C