Like a sickle, with a restless back and blade, tormented by sudden wind and sea lashes, comforted by the hot currents of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the friendly sun, Liguria is simultaneously a seafaring and mountain area. It is now a big historical and economical resource thanks to the sea. Two wonderful coasts, the western one with its famous beaches and the inebriating perfume of flowers, and the east one, east of Genoa, famous around the world for his enchanting inletsand picturesque seafaring villages. The Cinque Terre: the sea, the hills, the vineyard, the ancient villages of fishermen and the Genoese style churces open enchanting landscapes . The whole area of the Cinque Terre with its rare flora flora and protected fauna is a natural sea park. It is possible to do memorable excursions along the panoramic paths. Cinque Terre is the name given to five countries to the coast : Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore. Gripped to the mountains, overlooking the sea. The Cinque Terre constitute a natural park. The sight on the sour rocky coasts and the terrace cultivated vineyard hills are enchanting. Monterosso with its ancient towers with country and his splendid beaches is a well known goal for the tourists. Vernazza overlooks one of the most spectacular inlets of the coast. From Riomaggiore departs the splendid road “Via dell’Amore”, entirely excavated in the rocky wall, it arrives up to Manarola, a seafaring ancient village. Less than 70 miles far from San Remo, in light blue and transparent sea and the luxuriant nature, are placed the “Iles d’Or”, the golden islands made of the Hyeres archipelago, in the South French side. This enchanting place probably owes its name to the colour of the sun reflecting on the rocks. One of the most beautiful places in Costa Azzurra are Porquerolles, Port Cros and the Levant, and more than a dozen of other islands of various dimesions..
- Villa Romana of Varignano, tel. +39(0)187790691
- Geopaelontolic Museum of S.Giorgio, Lerici, tel +39(0)187969042
- Archeologic Museum of Luni, Bocca di Magra, tel.+39(0)18766811

Horse-Riding: the tract of the path parallel to the Cinque Terre, from the beginning to the end, can be travelled over by horse.
Informations: FITEC ANTE, La Spezia, tel. +39.335.81.92.976
Diving Center: Oasi Blu, Cadimare (Sp) - +39(0)
Trekking: « Alta Via » (36 km. Portovenere-Levanto)
Free climbing: “Climbing School Muzzerone”, Portovenere, +39(0)