The Tuscan archipelago is

comprised of 7 larger islands and a series of smaller ones, settings in which nature reigns supreme in the continuous unfolding of landscapes of Mediterranean flora and the blue of the sea. In fact, this archipelago is the largest marine park in Europe. The sea is extraordinarily clear and multi-hued and laps a variety of types of coastline


is a privately-owned island, but open to all who wish to spend a day by the sea.


the second largest island after Elba, offers two separate faces. One that it keeps hidden with its natural, untamed side, and the other with its tourist facilities.


declared a Nature Reserve by the Council of Europe, is the most secluded island of the archipelago and no more than 100 people may visit it each day.


easily reached from Leghorn(Livorno), is the perfect spot for those seeking a holiday in natural surroundings.


the penitentiary island that may be visited on guided tours but with the authorization of the Ministry of Justice.


And finally, Elba, the largest of the islands with so much to offer from every point of view. The island of Elba offers the best in outdoor seaside holidays, irrespective of the type of beach.

In fact, its beaches range from those covered in pebbles to fine-grained sand, all naturally lapped by crystal-clear water.

Beach facilities range from those with all facilities and beach establishments, to areas where nature is still untouched and you need to descend two hundred steps to reach them, such as at Cala Palombaia. But it is worth it.

In the same area, for those who like out-of-the-way places, is the sea grotto carved out of the rock, or the beach, reachable only by boat, with its “sassi turchini” (deep blue stones) that sparkle in the light to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Airport: Firenze International airport

The weather is typically Mediterranean summers are warm, dry and breezy. During the summer the prevailing wind is W – NW and it rarely reaches gale force. Around Capraia, Elba, and down the mainland coast to Giannutri there will often be SE winds with frequent periods of calm. At night there is often a light W or SW wind.

Weather: winter 5-10° C / spring 15-22° C / summer 20-28° C