Itinerary Number 1: One Week.

Elba and Capraia - Corsica

Ideal for first time boater and for people who enjoy the sea, the sun and the wind. The departure is Friday night from Portovenere with arrival in Portoazzurro (Elba island) next morning. We will start circumnavigating the Island, touching fantastic bays with crystal clear waters such as Calanova, Fetovaia, Costa del Sole, Biodola and the white sandy beaches of Portoferraio.

A place that you can’t miss is Marciana Marina, an ancient and colourful village situated on the feed of the Capanne mount, favourite place for those looking for a lively place and nightlife. There is the opportunity to moor in the port or to spend the night in one of the beautiful bay (depending on the wind).

From Elba Island it is very easy to reach Capraia Island (30 miles from Portoferraio) which deserve to be visited for its landscape beauty and for its small lively harbour (Capraia).

For excellent snorkelling and diving opportunity you will reach Cala Rossa and Cala Mortola and for those loving longs walks Capraia Island offers a great opportunity of many ancient roman marked footpaths .

From Capraia we will sail to the north of Corsica Island exceeding Capo Corso and finally we will moor in Saint Florent which is about 35 miles far. This small village is an attractive destination for many tourists with its old Town and the citadel of the XIV century. Nearby the fantastic Agriates desert and some of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Start: Marina del Fezzano (Portovenere) or S.Vincenzo

Total Distance: about 180 miles

Itinerary Number 2: Two Week.

Tuscan Archipelago - Corsica and Sardinia

Start your sailing holiday from Portovenere or S.Vincenzo on the west coast of Italy and explore the enchanting Tuscan islands. This is a popular sailing holiday destination and Elba, the largest and most beautiful island in the archipelago, has an indented coastline sheltering many attractive harbours and anchorages.

You may end up staying longer than you planned on your yacht charter holiday just exploring the bays and harbours on Elba, seduced by the charm and beauty of this island. However don't miss the other islands of the Tuscan archipelago, including Gorgona, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri.

The islands form a convenient stepping stones between the Tuscan coastline and Corsica and Saardinia, allowing you to combine the flavours of Italy and France on your sailing holiday. Many chance to stop in heartbreaking beaches with a ocean bottom rich of fishes or swimming in crystal clear water. The most popular beaches are situated in the south between Bonifacio and Portovecchio (Palombaccia and Santa Giulia beaches). We suggest to visit Santa Manza and Rondinara. The hinterland, instead, offers high mountains (Girolata), with the possibility of birds watching (eaglets, hawks, sea crows).

The optimal cruise continue until the Bocche di Bonifacio. From this point, for few days, you can sail between the fabulous Bocche di Bonifacio's islands: Lavezzi, Cavallo, Budelli, Spargi, La Maddalena; touching the Costa Smeralda bays and visiting Bonifacio with its amazing white cliff and its port that reminds a fjord.

Start: Marina del Fezzano (Portovenere) or S.Vincenzo

Total Distance: about 350 miles