If you have just bought a Waszp, or you want to try to approach the world of regattas or, simply, you want to perfect yourself in the maneuvers and in the management of this splendid flying boat, you are in the right place.


Over the course of two or more days we will analyze the theoretical and practical aspects of running a Waszp, with an eye to the tactics and specific racing strategy for flying boats. The clinic is held by Simone Malagugini, Olympic level athlete and coach, racing expert and Waszp coach. Waszp Ambassador since 2020. The approach during the days will be very similar to a classic training day of a competitive team: theory, briefing, going out on the water, debriefing and video analysis.

What you will learn on land and on the water

Corretto atteggiamento mentale verso il foiling, rigging e tuning, check pre volo e sicurezza, posizioni e movimenti, assetto laterale e longitudinale, sfruttamento del proprio peso per planare e dislocare, vento apparente su barche plananti, conduzione di bolina e lasco, virate e abbattute in volo. Tattica e strategia.

What this course gives you

The safety needed to tackle a regatta or to run fast and fun

For who

For those who already own a Waszp.


Two days


Date € person
1-2 May 2021 (in the following weekend will take place the national Moth and Waszp regatta at our club) from € 200 to €400 (according to the number of subscribers)
11-12 September 2021 (in the following week the Waszp Game will take place at our club) from € 200 to €400 (according to the number of subscribers)
Courses waszp
All the secrets of Waszp!

Personal Coaching Waszp

If you are unable to attend one of our Waszp Clinics or you wish to do more and in a personalized way, you can contact us to book one or more days of personal coaching.

What you will learn on land and on the water

As they are private lessons, you will be able to customize your requests as much as possible, according to your needs.

For who

For those who already own a Waszp


One or more days. From 10.00 to 17.00 approximately. Theory and practice


Duration € persona
(at least two)
€ persona
Day € 230 € 350
Two consecutive days € 420 € 700
School waszp
Call us for all the information, or come and visit us in person.

Call us Info

Duration: from table

Boat: Waszp. Motorboat and fuel included.

Where: About 90 km from Milan, in Dongo, north of Lake Como

Price: from table+ 35€ Marvelia card for the first course of the year (which includes: card - T-shirt ).

The fee includes : practical and theoretical sailing lessons.

The fee does not include: Overnight stays, lunches and dinners at the base, a bar restaurant is active at the base. Full board and lodging per day € 44.

What do you need
For registration, a medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activities and 2 passport photos are required. Then sleeping bag, towel, notepad, 3mm drift wetsuit (can be rented on base), spray-top, sailing gloves, tennis shoes that you can get wet (or sandals), hat, swimsuit, sunscreen. high protection and personal pharmacy.