Foilboarding, hydrofoil Kiteboarding, Kite Foiling, in a nutshell the fastest way to do Kite, a discipline that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and that allows you, literally, to fly on water. You no longer slide on the surface of the water like with twin tips or surfboards but you fly at about 20 knots at a height of about 80 cm. The particular performance of the Hydrofoil allows better use even in light wind conditions, thus multiplying the number of possible kite days during the season. There are many kiters who have let themselves be carried away by the charm of this new discipline, what are you waiting for?


To begin the practice of kite foiling we provide private lessons for one or a maximum of two people.

What you will learn on land and on the water

Depending on your level, you will be able to learn water starting, driving, jibing or tacking.

For who

For those who already have a good command of the kite twin tips, even better if you have experience with the surf


One or more hours.


Q.tà Type € person
1 hour foil kite lesson € 100
2 hours foil kite lesson € 180
Corsi kitesurf foil
Are you ready? fly!
Corsi kitefoiling
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Duration: from table

Where: About 90 km from Milan, in Dongo, north of Lake Como

Price: from table+ 35€ Marvelia card for the first course of the year (which includes: card - T-shirt ).

The fee includes : practical and theoretical sailing lessons.

The fee does not include: Overnight stays, lunches and dinners at the base, a bar restaurant is active at the base. Full board and lodging per day € 44.

What do you need
For registration, a medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activities and 2 passport photos are required. Then sleeping bag, towel, notepad, 3mm drift wetsuit (can be rented on base), spray-top, sailing gloves, tennis shoes that you can get wet (or sandals), hat, swimsuit, sunscreen. high protection and personal pharmacy.