An ideal spot to coach your team

Our nautical base is located in the most windy part of Lake Como. The regular thermal winds offer an ideal spot to coach teams of sailing/yacht clubs who come from all over the Europe. The nautical base consists of several wooden houses very comfortable and of a central body which includes: a salon to get together and play, internet and library of the sea, kitchen, a classroom multimedia video projection and lessons, changing rooms and two large dormitories with bunk beds and separate bathrooms, where everyone has their own space for storing clothes. Marvelia bases can be fully or partially rented, with or without the use of the boats.

Wind, nature, relax and good food. Only the best for your sailing team.

What we offer. Nautical Base

Changing rooms with bathrooms and showers
Classroom with projector and whiteboard
Central heating and wood stove
Large park for your boats
Sails depot
Repairing area

What we offer. Boats


Rubber dinghies: 3
Motorboats: 2


420: 6
Feva xl: 3
Laser 4000: 3
49r: 3
29r: 3
Skipper: 4

Keel boats

Meteor: 5 (20ft)
Nytec: 2 (23ft)

Where: At about 80 Km from Milan, in Dongo, North Lake Como