Sailing is an unforgettable adventure

Sailing is an adventure that your students will never forget. Our sailing program will help you achieve the better from your school trip. We help you, to empower and educate young people of all abilities and ages through the challenge, adventure, fun and rewards of outdoor learning environments. The Group trips to sailing are designed to be stress free. Also, we can tailor your programme to your specific requirements. The project "Sails at school" consists of a day, or more, of water activities that can be split into two half day sessions (sailing and windsurfing) or in a full day of sailing.

The sail, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

We have two sites to choose

Portovenere (Cinque Terre)

Our sea campus takes place in Portovenere (Marina Fezzano) near the "Cinque terre" – the heart of the Liguria. Our sea base has everything you need for a trip to remember, but it is also a great base from which to explore the Tuscany Islands. It's up to you; every trip is tailored to your requirements.

Lake Como

Our lake nautical base is in Dongo, north of Lake of Como. From here you can enjoy the sailing on most beautiful lake of the world, and stay in our base that consists of several wooden houses very comfortable and of a central body which includes: a salon to get together and play, internet and library of the sea, kitchen, a classroom multimedia video projection and lessons, changing rooms and two large dormitories with bunk beds and separate bathrooms, where everyone has their own space for storing clothes.

The activities that we offer are:

Dinghy Sailing

Learners begin in small dinghies that are appropriate for their size and are given challenges that are suitable for each individual. All you need to get started is a degree of water confidence. Marvelia have introduced more than 5,000 young people of all ages and abilities to the thrills of sailing and is an accredited FIV centre.

Keel boat

This is yachting on an accessible scale. Keel boats bridge the gap between small dinghies and yachts. They have the stability of a yacht but are small enough to be handled by young sailors. We have a fleet of Meteor 20ft and Nytec keel boats, and find them the ideal craft for groups to develop, improve and take their sailing to the next level. The keel boats are a first step to do team. Each individual on board has a job and everyone gets to understand the importance of each other's jobs.


We have a fleet of big boats from 36 ft to 43ft. These boats are ideal for exploring the beautiful coastline of the Cinque Terre or the Tuscany Islands. This kind of sailing is a really good team building activity, each individual on board has a job and everyone gets to understand the importance of each other's jobs.