Team Building Programs

Our instructors and racers know why winning teams work so well together. They and their team have combined the knowledge and experience to develop highly successful team building programs based on sailing. On a sail boat, very different personalities learn how to work together to accomplish a common goal. Good leadership skills are developed, trust and respect are encouraged.

It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.

Why sailing for Team Building

The Team building events inspire bond and teamwork, both essential to enable your business to operate effectively. Also, the communication plays a key role in a sailing team, like in world of business. Sailing gives a platform to help your team to improve on specific areas, with a tailor made programme developed around your objectives. The experience will develop skills and content relevant to your business, leaving all participants involved in awareness that can be directly applied into the working environment. In partnership with our facilitators, a team building event can be designed to improve upon specific issues within the team.

The working areas:

Improving productivity
Encouraging teamwork
Improving communication
Enhancing emotional intelligence
Crisis management
Problem solving
Building a new team
Working with team members not personally chosen
To encourage teamwork

The team building can last a day or more. Typical Day Schedule:

- Short welcome orientation, program overview
- Classroom teaching on sailing basics
- Dockside session to acquaint teams with boats, basic sailing manoeuvres, sail handling
- On-water hands-on instruction
- Lunch break in our restaurant
- Exercises focused on strategic and tactical planning
- Regatta
- Debriefing and prizing

Additional Services quoted on request:
Personalized gadgets
Trophies or awards
Corporate banners on each boat
Photo or video
Accommodations ashore
Meals and/or snacks
Independent facilitators


Marina Fezzano (Portovenere - Cinque Terre) on the Liguria and Tuscany border.
Dongo (Lake Como)