What you can find in Marvélia

More than ten years after its creation Marvelia remains true to #different idea: the sea is not owned by anyone. All we can still possess the art of sailing and gain the confidence and values ​​needed to #live the pleasures that only the sea and sailing can give.

Students, travelers and instructors can be found all year round in our bases in Porto Venere (Unesco Heritage), Gera Lario (the windiest area of Lake Como), around the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Caribbean to share this #different way of interpreting the sailing and the sea, and to live together moments, unforgettable. Definitely exciting moments, which help us to awaken dormant qualities often, to temper the character, to develop a sense of responsibility and a sense of initiative, rediscovering solidarity and respect for the environment.

Live Different. Sail here.
- since 12 years

- more than 10,000 students introduced

- 2 Nautical Bases

- 6 boats from 36ft to 43ft

- 8 boats 20ft

- 22 dinghies