The experience

You can be a student, a banker, a housewife, a nurse or a football player when you first jump on a sailing boat, but when back you will be a real seadog! The Round World experience is open to everyone: no skills required but the desire to live a unique experience far from the traditional holidays.

Our sailing boats don't offer the same comforts of Hotel suites. There's no Wi-Fi, rich lunch buffets, swimming pools or entertainment organizers. On the contrary, we can offer two-berth cabins to be shared with an unknown companion, a multi-languages environment, switched-off cell phones, improvised dinners and night shifts.
At a first glance, it looks to be tough and maybe it is. But the award you can get is incomparable: you could completely disconnect from your daily life and plunge into the nature; you could revive those best qualities that you completely forgot to have while toughening the character, developing a deep sense of responsibility, enhancing the team spirit and solidarity.

The Round World Experience changes itinerary every year. In 2015, our ship's course will be due south, from Portovenere (Liguria - Italy) to Tunisi (Tunisia, North-Africa) with two stops at Bonifacio (Corsica) and Sicily. Two thousand sea miles that will be covered in 4 weeks and organized in 3 legs: Portovenere-Bonifacio, Bonifacio-Tunisi and Tunisi-Portovenere.
For those who want to make some practice before The Round World Experience, they can attend the Giraglia Rolex Cup regatta in Saint Tropez or our sailing training in Portovenere.

3 legs

1500 nautical miles

3 nations

2 continents